CBD Oil For Insomnia

Using CBD Oil for insomnia can help people who have nights where they struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep. For some people, this becomes a chronic or recurring problem. These people may feel exhausted, but are still unable to sleep. This is known as insomnia and can be very disruptive to daily life. More and more people are suffering from insomnia and there are many different theories as to why that is. Generally, most scientists and psychiatrists agree that it is from a higher level of stress and increased use of electronics.

If traditional over-the-counter methods don’t work, CBD is a great alternative. CBD has natural components that ease your body into a restorative sleep.  CBD oil has both beta-myrcene and linalool terpenes- two natural sedatives.  These terpenes ease nerves which helps to relax the body.

It should be noted that CBD Oil for insomnia is a treatment, and not a cure for insomnia. Since stress is usually the root cause of insomnia, reducing stress is the key to getting rid of insomnia. CBD oil has been clinically proven to reduce stress over time. This will in turn reduce underlying health and mental issues such as anxiety and depression.

CBD will take time to become effective; it will not reduce stress overnight.  But once you begin to acclimate to cannabidiol, you will experience a more restful sleep. Our brand of CBD oil is very effective to treat insomnia.  You can start CBD oil drops at just 1-2 drops in the morning and 1-2 drops in the evening. Over the next few weeks, you can increase the dosage.  Note its effects and make these increases slowly, or it could actually keep you awake.  If you follow the instructions on the bottle, CBD oil should be a very effective treatment for your insomnia.