CBD Terpin Gorilla Shatter- Half Gram


Each container contains one gram



After a long day of hard work relax and unwind with the new Terpine Gorilla Shatter. With its pain and stress relieving factors, you control how effective it is by how much you use. You know what you deserve after a long day, relax lay back and stretch out over your domain like a proud silverback.

Aching and sore? The Terpine Gorilla Shatter helps to relieve pain.

Has an illness left you with no appetite? This blend will help boost and increase your hunger.

Feeling down and emotionally exhausted? Rise up out of that depression fueled by the earthly tones, and allow yourself to become empowered with the mighty spirit of the majestic gorilla.

Because we utilize CO2 extraction methods our shatter is safer and more risk free than
traditional butane extracted shatter. We are also happy to profess that our shatters possess an
overwhelming 95% purity rating. Also being made right here in America, in the great state of
Colorado you know you are getting a genuine product made by hard working americans just like
you. With such an impeccable attention to detail we strive to prove that flavor, effectiveness, and
quality are our main concerns.

All our CBD oil products are individually tested. Contact us to receive a copy of the lab test results.

Ingredients: Ethanol Extracted Hemp CBD Isolate, pure plant terpenes. Each gram is 950 mg. of pure isolate and 50 mg. plant terpenes