Full Spectrum CBD Wax


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Full Spectrum CBD Wax

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Natural Blueberry Flavor

4%-10% CBG per Gram (1000mg)

PhytoFamily Wax/Crumble that we are infusing with our flavor profiles with 2% terpenes

Assists with: Creativity, Pain, Focus, Stress, Energetic, Relaxed, Love

Tastes like: Depends on the terpenes added but it is smooth and you can feel the difference

Direction: Use of your dab rig with or without THC extracts or eat as an edible or in your dab pen.

Ingredients: Organic Medical Hemp, Alcohol and Water, Made in Colorado.

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Full Spectrum CBD Wax or CBD Crumble is produced with just alcohol and water.  It is the cleanest form of CBD you can find on the market.  Made from only the best organic hemp. We add terpenes to add more flavor and enhance it ever so slightly.

With isolate, you are only getting CBD.  This is a great product, but it doesn’t have much soul to it.  With these full spectrum extracts, the CBD percentage may be lower than isolate, but the CBG / CBC / CBN / CBD-v are much higher.

CBD Crumble is the best way to gain access to unique cannabinoids profiles that drive your relief further than if it was just CBD isolate and with a unique amounts of CBG, you will be asking yourself why you ever were a one cannabinoid person.

CBD Shatter is still a great alternative that will give you high amounts of CBD and small amounts of other cannabinoids like CBN. It is more affordable and it is important to us that we have a more affordable option.

CBD Crumble is great for relief!

The CBD Wax is perfect for deep pain relief and since it isn’t just CBD, you are also getting the healing benefits of a full spectrum of cannabinoids.

Full Spectrum CBD Wax is currently the best CBD Wax. Best CBD Vaping experience you will have with any product on the market. This product can be dabbed, vaped, you can add it in with your joints, blunts or even eaten as an edible.

Full Spectrum CBD Crumble is the future of dabbing. It leaves room for more cannabinoids and leaves your cannabinoid receptors happier because you are getting a variety, not just CBD! We strongly encourage you to do more research about the benefits of CBG and how it can impact your life positively

All our CBD oil products are individually tested. Contact us to receive a copy of the lab test results.

2 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Wax

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Zack Scott

    Nice flavor and really tasteful. Good customer service too and the delivery was quick.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thom Gabriel

    The product helped me against strains and made me more relaxed as soon as I started taking it. Am extremely glad I chose this product over the others I saw elsewhere. It’s simply worth it.

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